September 2021

Triazavirin is not only an antiviral drug against flu but also a medicine that helps people to take care of their close people.

Our team has chosen an unusual approach based on building an emotional engagement based on human values. This so-called
«idea of care» is the base of our digital strategy and will be seen throughout the campaign.

The campaign's mission is that help people take care of their closest people. At the same time, we, in turn, care about achieving effective results of campaigns obtained within the developed media strategy.

Together with our creative partner Jekyll&Hide, as well as the production of Daddy's Film we prepared a commercial in which we showed that not only drugs are helping people to feel better, but also such human qualities as love and care of family. The commercial has become the initial point of our big advertising campaign.

"It is interesting that in this project we have combined branding and digital media, as they are going hand in nowadays. Together with our creative partner Jekyll&Hide, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the pharma segment over the past 5 years. It became clear that in order to enter the OTC category with high competition and media investments, Triazavirin needs a non-standard approach. We have chosen a strategy that is based on building an emotional awareness based on human values. So, we developed a digital strategy and not a typical pharma strategy with TV ads.

Kristina Ryss
CEO of Green

Another part of our digital strategy was updating of company's website and launching SEO with our partner – Digital Must agency. The goal was to increase the visibility of brand queries and the amount of organic traffic.

The completely updated website looks like an interactive journal with white colors, easy-reading texts to avoid the "noisy" design of competitor websites and visually deliver the idea of the brand's pharmaceutical expertise.

"The updated website will help increase brand awareness among our target audience – patients and doctors. Moreover, we have organized direct online sales, which the company has not done before.

The main idea of the website is "care of the closest people». Together with the J&H team we tried to create a sense of "air" in our website, made a visual display of information simple and clear, without complex design and many complicated phrases. The main idea was not to sell the drug but to tell people about the brand's unique advantages, the mission, and the values that both the team and the drug are carrying. We have shown that our site is available and easy to use for everyone.

Moreover, it was also important to provide information about Triazavirin to doctors so they can recommend and prescribe the drug to their patients.

The result was that users actually started spending more time on the site - 1.5 minutes and the bounce rate significantly decreased to 30-40%

Yuliana Venedictova
Account-manager of Green
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